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Sixth Form Admissions

Open Evening

We invite parents, carers and Year 11 children to our Sixth Form Open Evening to find out more about the Academy and the admissions process which takes place on Thursday 3rd November 2022 between 6pm and 8pm. 

Event Details
  • A presentation from our dedicated Sixth Form Team (held at 6.30pm and 7.15pm)
  • Key information about available subjects and entry requirements
  • Find out about additional opportunities that are available to our students
  • Speak to our specialist subject leaders about your options
  • Meet our current sixth form students

Please click here to book tickets to one of our presentations.

Last year's Open Evening Presentation can be viewed here.


The Academy invites parents, carers and external Year 11 Children to take a tour of our school and experience our setting during a 'typical' day. 

Our tours will take place on a Monday and Thursday morning from Thursday 10th November until Thursday 24th November. 

Bookings will go live on Monday 31st October, call 01933 226077 to reserve your slot.

Sixth Form Prospectus and Further Information

Sixth Form Admission Forms

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Sixth Form Testimonials

Lily Bea Mather-Dearden - Head Student 

The decision to come to Hatton Sixth Form was quite easy for me, I knew from my GCSEs which subjects I wanted to take and who they would be taught by. I also wasn’t ready to leave the past five years behind. I left primary school terrified of change, of meeting new people and the exams which seemed to loom so far away. I'm leaving sixth form in a few months, with some trepidation, but no longer frightened. I don’t mean to suggest that change isn’t still scary to me, only that now, after being part of this community, I am much more confident in both my academic and social ability. Now, I believe that I will be able to face the future head on.

Of course there are the obvious perks of sixth form life, free periods for example are so valuable to catch up on work or to break up particularly packed days. However, what I have really appreciated about being a sixth former at Hatton is the level of independence we have, while still getting as much support and guidance as we need. Whether that’s to do with UCAS applications or time management, there will always be someone happy to help.

I have been able to take so many opportunities at Hatton, like being part of the school show, where I got to pursue one of my favourite hobbies, make new friends, and perform in front of big crowds for the first time. Or the Brilliant Club, where I got my first idea of what studying at university will be like, and was able to start thinking about what I want after school finishes. I feel it has all culminated in becoming one of the Head students in Year 13. Taking on new responsibilities regarding social events and the student voice as a whole. I am really proud of everything that I have achieved so far, beginning in lower school all the way up to this year. I can say with confidence that Hatton has been the right choice for me. 

At Hatton we are able to forge our own paths and make the VI form experience our own. Hopefully next year, you will too.